Charles Stanley Married? Ex-Wife Anna Stanley.

Pastor Charles Stanley in his gorgeous red tie and suit

Charles Stanley is an American televangelist, author, theologian, and the Pastor Emeritus of Atlanta’s First Baptist Church. Charles Stanley Married Now? Since divorcing his longtime wife, Anna Johnson, in 2000, Charles remains unmarried. Now, at the age of 88, it is improbable that Charles will ever marry again. When Charles and Anna divorced, members of … Read more

Becki Tilley (Jerry Falwell Jr. Wife) Wiki, Children

Becki Tilley in her red dress at the stage

Becki Tilley is Jerry Falwell’s wife, a renowned member of the Evangelical Christian Church. He is also a lawyer and university president of Liberty University. Becki has also become known as a constant companion of her husband in most of his public engagements. Both of them are respected leaders in the Evangelical Church. Additionally, Becki … Read more

Cissie Graham Lynch Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband

Cissie Graham Lynch in her gorgeous look

Cissie Graham Lynch is from a family of evangelists. She is the daughter of renowned evangelist Franklin Graham. In addition, Cissie is deeply involved in charity and missionary work. She is the Granddaughter Of Billy Graham Cissie Graham Lynch is the granddaughter of famous evangelist Billy Graham. Additionally, her grandfather is the founder of the … Read more

Joel Osteen Net Worth, House, Height, Contact

Joel Osteen at the stage in an event

Joel Osteen is a renowned television evangelist and the pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant congregation in the United States. Osteen’s television sermons are aired in more than 100 countries. The famous television evangelist reaches more than 10 million viewers. Read to know more about Joel Osteen and his net worth. Joel Osteen was … Read more

Paula White Net Worth, Husband

Paula White in her perfect look in suit

During Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration ceremony in 2017, Paula White became a name recognized by thousands of people. White was the one who delivered the invocation speech, becoming the first woman clergy member ever to do so. Not only that, but many may recognize Paula as Donald Trump administration’s former evangelical advisory board to the … Read more

Tim Tebow Net Worth, Gay, Height, Jets, Religion

Tim Tebow in his football match

Tim Tebow is a football superstar. He plays for the National Football League team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. In college, he played for the University of Florida as a quarterback. His past NFL teams are the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. Tebow had also played for the New York Mets when he was still in … Read more

John MacArthur Net Worth, Wife Patricia McArthur and Kids

John MacArthur with his precious smile

John MacArthur is a renowned author and pastor. McArthur is the pastor of the Grace Community Church based in Sun Valley, California. In addition, MacArthur is also the host of a television and radio show. Who is John MacArthur? John MacArthur comes from a family of ministers. His father, Jack MacArthur, is a Baptist preacher … Read more

Will Graham Evangelist, Age, Wife, Children, Wiki Biography

Will Graham in his dashing look

Will Graham is the third generation from the Graham family of preachers. Likewise, he is the eldest son of evangelist Franklin Graham. Additionally, he is the grandson of world-renowned American Evangelist Billy Graham. Will’s grandfather Billy is the founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. In addition, Will is the executive director at his grandfather’s … Read more

Jerry Falwell Jr. Net Worth, House, Yacht, Jet, Car

Jerry Falwell Jr. 's speech in an event

Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr. is a lawyer and academic administrator. He is the son of the renowned television evangelist Jerry Falwell Sr. He is also a prominent follower of the Evangelical Christian Community. Read this to know about Jerry Falwell Jr. and his Net Worth. Who is Jerry Falwell Jr.? Jerry Falwell Jr. was born … Read more

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