Charles Stanley Net Worth

Pastor Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley is a man bound with religious fundamentals. For nearly 50 years of his career, Stanley has worked as a pastor. Throughout his tenure as a senior pastor, Stanley has made sure that Bible’s gospel reached everyone. Read this article to know more about Charles Stanley and his net worth. Not only is Stanley … Read more

Joel Osteen Net Worth, House, Height, Contact

Joel Osteen at the stage in an event

Joel Osteen is a renowned television evangelist and the pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant congregation in the United States. Osteen’s television sermons are aired in more than 100 countries. The famous television evangelist reaches more than 10 million viewers. Read to know more about Joel Osteen and his net worth. Joel Osteen was … Read more

Joel Osteen Age, Height, Quotes

Pastor Joel Osteen with his precious smile

When talking about Joel Osteen, many factors about him make Osteen a likable man. There is no doubting his knowledge of the Christian religion and his love for the Bible God. Similarly, gifted with aesthetic body looks, Osteen can inspire millions of people to make a perfect living under Christ’s blessings. Let’s look at what … Read more

Charles Stanley Married? Ex-Wife Anna Stanley.

Pastor Charles Stanley in his gorgeous red tie and suit

Charles Stanley is an American televangelist, author, theologian, and the Pastor Emeritus of Atlanta’s First Baptist Church. Charles Stanley Married Now? Since divorcing his longtime wife, Anna Johnson, in 2000, Charles remains unmarried. Now, at the age of 88, it is improbable that Charles will ever marry again. When Charles and Anna divorced, members of … Read more

Kirk Cameron Family: Parents, Sisters

Actor Kirk Cameron with his precious smile

Kirk Cameron is a popular T.V. actor from America. He was nominated twice in the Golden Globe awards for his amazing performance in the sitcom Growing Pains. Furthermore, the actor is a Christian who believes in Evangelicalism. He is in the acting industry since childhood and has featured in films in the 1980s and 1990s. The … Read more

Steven Furtick Wife Holly Furtick Age, Book Club, Wiki

Steven Furtick with his precious smile

Steven Furtick is a Gospel Preacher from America. The Evangelical Christian founded the Elevation Church in 2006. Furthermore, Steven is also a songwriter with multiple nominations in the GMA Dove Awards and the Grammy Awards. The song The Blessing, written by the pastor won the GMA award for the worship song of the year in … Read more

Cissie Graham Lynch Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband

Cissie Graham Lynch in her gorgeous look

Cissie Graham Lynch is from a family of evangelists. She is the daughter of renowned evangelist Franklin Graham. In addition, Cissie is deeply involved in charity and missionary work. She is the Granddaughter Of Billy Graham Cissie Graham Lynch is the granddaughter of famous evangelist Billy Graham. Additionally, her grandfather is the founder of the … Read more

Becki Tilley (Jerry Falwell Jr. Wife) Wiki, Children

Becki Tilley in her red dress at the stage

Becki Tilley is Jerry Falwell’s wife, a renowned member of the Evangelical Christian Church. He is also a lawyer and university president of Liberty University. Becki has also become known as a constant companion of her husband in most of his public engagements. Both of them are respected leaders in the Evangelical Church. Additionally, Becki … Read more

Franklin Graham Net Worth, Wife Jane Austin Cunningham

Franklin Graham in his old dashing look

Franklin Graham was born William Franklin Graham on July 14, 1952. He is a respected missionary and evangelist in the United States. In addition, Franklin is working in his father Billy Graham’s organization Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and The Samaritan’s Purse as the president. Franklin was baptized as a Christian in 1974. Eventually, he became … Read more

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