Kirk Cameron Family: Parents, Sisters

Kirk Cameron is a popular T.V. actor from America. He was nominated twice in the Golden Globe awards for his amazing performance in the sitcom Growing Pains. Furthermore, the actor is a Christian who believes in Evangelicalism. He is in the acting industry since childhood and has featured in films in the 1980s and 1990s. The TV star is the co-founder of The Firefly Foundation. This article talks about the family of Kirk Cameron, which comprises his parents and three sisters.


i. Parents

Kirk Cameron with his family celebrating his mother's birthday
Kirk Cameron with his mother, Barbara Cameron, and father, Robert Cameron, and sisters.

Kirk was born to parents Robert Cameron and Barbara Cameron, and they raised the actor in Panorama City, California. To talk about their professional lives, Robert is a Gym teacher. Barbara was the one who had the most impact on her children’s career as she was a talent manager. Her kids found their way easily into the industry, thanks to her connections and recommendations. Kirk’s parents were well-educated and devoted Christians.

ii. Sisters

a. Kirk Cameron’s sister Candace Cameron Bure is a famous actress

Candace Cameron Bure was born in Panorama City on Apr 6, 1976. She is related to the actor Kirk Cameron. Moreover, Candace is a well-established actress herself. Her acting career began when she was five years old. She played as a guest child actor for T.V. series like Alice and Who’s the Boss. In 1987, the actress featured in her debut film in the movie industry Some kind of Wonderful. The breakthrough in Candace’s career came when the producers for the popular sitcom Full House accepted her role. She was 11 at the time and played the character D.J. tanner. In 2016, Full House came back with a reprise. So Candace was featured on the show once again.

In 1996, Candace tied wedding knots with the NHL player Valeri Bure. Since then, the couple brought three beautiful children to this world. Her son Maksim was born in 2002. Her other children are Lev and Natasha. After that, Candace decided to change her way of living. She went on a break from acting. Furthermore, Candace involved herself more in parenting and household and became a devoted Christian. Since then, she has contributed to many Christian organizations. Moreover, the actress is also the author of books like Reshaping It All and Balancing It All.

Popular TV actor, Kirk Cameron and his sister
Popular TV actor, Kirk Cameron and his sister, Candace Cameron.

b. Bridgette Cameron

Bridgette Cameron is the sister of the popular actors; Kirk and Candace Cameron. Furthermore, she also has her career in Hollywood and has worked with many child stars. For 20 years, she played many stand-in roles in Hollywood. Bridgette has featured in some famous sitcoms like Full House and Home Improvement. Moreover, she has also acted in motion pictures like Saving Christmas and Wild America.

Bridgette currently lives in Palm Springs with her family, which comprises a supportive husband and three children. The actress once rose to controversy due to her miscarriage. However, the doctor found out that she had twins, so one baby was still alive and breathing in her womb.

c. Melissa Cameron

Melissa Cameron is the sister of Kirk, Cadence, and Bridgette Cameron. She is from a family of TV stars and talent managers. However, she is the only one who deviated from the acting industry. Instead of acting, Melissa made a career as a teacher. The homeschool teacher was born on Oct 1, 1973. She is married to her husband, Jason Fleming. The couple exchanged wedding vows on June 2, 2001. Melissa is a mother to five children, out of which one is a boy. She is a regular on Instagram, where she posts pictures of herself and her adorable family.

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