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Joel Osteen is a renowned television evangelist and the pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant congregation in the United States. Osteen’s television sermons are aired in more than 100 countries. The famous television evangelist reaches more than 10 million viewers. Read to know more about Joel Osteen and his net worth.

Joel Osteen was born in Houston Texas. His date of birth is March 5, 1963. He is the son of John and Dolores Osteen. His father John Osteen was a Southern Baptist pastor who is also the founder of Lakewood Church. The church was initially built behind a feed store in Houston.

Joel Osteen Net Worth

The net worth of Joel Osteen is $100 million. His earnings are primarily from Lakewood Church, where he is the senior pastor. The renowned television evangelist has stopped accepting his salary of $200,000 as senior pastor. According to Joel, he does not want people to think he is doing it for the money. He is already earning so much from the $43 million annual collections of the church.

In addition, he also makes money from his bestselling books. The pastor is also an in-demand public speaker, and he earns a substantial fee from his speaking engagements.

Famous and wealthy Joel Osteen
Successful Pastor and author Joel Osteen.


Just like any other male with a fortune, Joel Osteen owns a garage full of luxury cars. He owns a Ferrari 458 Italia worth more than $4 million. This is just one of Joel Osteen’s many luxury cars. The famous pastor drives around in different luxury cars from time to time. His home in Tanglewood has a garage that can fit 20 vehicles. The number of luxury cars that the pastor owns can only be imagined.


Joel Osteen may own a lot of luxury items, but a yacht is not one of them. His owning a yacht was just a rumor that spread in 2017. Several websites rumored that he sailed his yacht through the flooded Houston streets after Hurricane Harvey. He allegedly rescued survivors while on his yacht. While doing so, the renowned pastor also handed out copies of his book to the hurricane survivors. This is a far-fetched story that has already been proven to be fabricated.

Private Jets

Joel Osteen owns a costly private jet, the Airbus A319. He uses his jet to travel to his speaking engagements. The senior pastor of Lakewood Church also uses it for traveling with his family for vacations. Joel Osteen’s jet is priced at $86 million. It is the same jet used by renowned airlines such as American Airlines, United, Delta, and EasyJet. The Airbus A319 can operate at a maximum range of 37,000 miles. It has a seating capacity of 124 to 156 passengers.

Does Joel Osteen Pay Taxes?

Joel Osteen’s income from his salary as senior pastor of Lakewood Church is supposed to be taxable. However, he has declined from receiving any salary, so he no longer pays taxes for that. He may be receiving allowances from the church, and those are not taxable. The pastor may receive stipends for travel and housing, and they are tax-free. Additionally, Joel Osteen earns a substantial amount from the sales of his book, and he pays taxes for those.


  • Facebook

Joel Osteen has an official Facebook page under his name. This is where he posts videos of his sermons. He also regularly updates his page with posts and photos. His Facebook page has a total number of 23583575 likes. The page also has a prayer wall where his followers may post their personal prayer requests.

  • Email and Number

The personal email and number of Joel Osteen have not been published. However, he can be reached through his representatives. His website contains several contact numbers. His followers may also send an email through the website.

  • Website and Blogs

The official website of Joel Osteen is Videos of his sermons are posted on the website. They also post updates about his upcoming events. There is also a community board where one can interact with other members of the Lakewood Church. In addition, Joel Osteen’s website also has an online store. The Joel Osteen online store sells books, gift items, music tracks, and series.


Joel studied at Humble High School, which was a public school in Humble, Texas. Later, he took a course on radio and television communications at the Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. Joel could not finish his course, so he came home to Houston and created the television program of his father for Lakewood Church.

Influenced by His Father

Joel Osteen with his father shaking hands
Renowned Pastor Joel Osteen with his father, John Osteen.

He produced John Osteen’s televised sermons until his death in 1999. John Osteen’s sudden death was due to a heart attack.

All his life, Joel’s father always convinced him to preach, but he did not want to be in the limelight. He preferred to be behind the scenes as a producer of the televised sermons. In January 1999, he finally gave in to his father’s wishes and preached for the first time. His father died six days later. After his father’s death, Joel began to preach regularly. That same year, the senior pastor position of Lakewood Church was given to him. The membership of the congregation has grown significantly under the leadership of Joel Osteen.

Lakewood Church moved to a bigger home in 2003. The church purchased Compaq Center. This used to be the home of the Houston Rockets and Houston Aeros. They renovated the venue for 15 months at a cost of $105 million. The contractors added five more levels to the structure to accommodate more people. The new Lakewood Church was opened in 2005. Over 50,000 people attended the opening event.

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