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There are very few evangelists out there who can illuminate the Biblical scriptures practically like Priscilla Shirer. Gifted with a natural talent in communicating, Priscilla conveys the gospel writings intellectually. However, Shirer is more than an evangelist.

Apart from being a spokesman in churches, Shirer has also gained fame thanks to her movies and tv shows. Priscilla has often appeared in the CBS network.

Though Priscilla has achieved much success, she has also had the misfortune of suffering severe health issues. Nonetheless, this millionaire woman has one swell career and love life.

Priscilla Shirer is an Evangelist

Perhaps being born to a senior pastor named Tony Evans, the trait of teaching God’s lessons to everyone runs through Priscilla’s veins. However, Priscilla admits that Anne Graham Lotz is her ministry mentor.

Passing out from the University of Houston led Priscilla to pursue further studies in her interest which was theological studies. Hence, Priscilla holds credentials from Dallas Theological Seminary with the subject being Biblical studies.

The moment Shirer got to preach in mass was when Priscilla interned at a Bible-based radio network. The Christian listeners were so impressed with Priscilla’s fluidity in speaking that she became a speaking member at Zig Ziglar Corporation.

Preaching in numerous churches is not the only goal that Priscilla has in her mind. This Christ follower is always looking to explore more opportunities in the Christian ministry. Along with her husband, Priscilla launched Going Beyond Ministries, a resourceful speaking bureau. One can find plenty of Bible books, CDs/ DVDs, and it recently hosted women empowering event called AWAKEN.

Not to forget the vast amount of Bible-based books that Priscilla has written to empower and motivate anyone struggling to find hope in their lives.

Since day one, Priscilla has wanted the world not only to read God’s scriptures but to feel his power as well.

Priscilla Shirer is Married to Her Husband, Jerry Shirer

Fans and followers of Priscilla Shirer know very well that she is married to an equally firm Christ believer, Jerry Shirer. The two have had a long wait to find the perfect love as both the Shires were caught up by their respective career.

However, after being united, Priscilla and Jerry went on to have a successful married life. Many even call the Shirers a power couple.

Priscilla Shirer looking perfect with her husband, Jerry
An evangelist, Priscilla Shirer, and her husband, Jerry Shirer.

When Did the Shirers Meet?

A few years after passing out from the University of Houston, Priscilla began her career in the Zig Ziglar Corporation. It was there when Priscilla first laid her eyes on a tall and dark man whose name was Jerry Shirer. The year was 1999, and Priscilla was at the age of 25 when she first saw the speech of Jerry Shirer at the corporation.

The two met again and began conversations when Priscilla got the invitation to meet the corporate team of Hilton Hotels. Jerry happened to be the vice president of international operations at the same hotel.

Though Jerry and Priscilla remained friends, one of Jerry Shirer’s friends suggested he date Priscilla. Jerry complied with this suggestion as he already knew so much about Priscilla.

After weeks of dating, Jerry directly raised the question asking whether she was ready to have a man in her life. Priscilla knew that Jerry was severe with her, and he was not playing any games.

Married Life

Jerry Shirer is a humble man that Priscilla has never seen in her life. Reports have it that after only a month of meeting one another, Jerry visited Priscilla’s parents to ask for their permission to date their daughter. Similarly, after dating Priscilla for nearly eleven months, Jerry again called her father to ask for his blessings before marrying.

The Shirers did not take much time to tie the knot. The former corporate executive of Hilton Hotels married Priscilla in 1999, a year before the Millenium year struck. The best thing about Priscilla’s marriage with Jerry is that they have spent 21 years together without showing any cracks in their marital life.

Who is Jerry Shirer?

Jerry Shirer came to the spotlight after marrying the evangelist, Priscilla Shirer. Before associating with Priscilla, Jerry had already achieved success in his career. However, few people ever knew Jerry as he maintained a low profile.


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Jerry Shirer is a former executive of Hilton Hotels, where he looked over the entity’s daily operations. However, after a prolonged service at Hilton Hotels, Jerry realized working for God. Jerry is equally a religious man as his wife. Hence, collaborating with Priscilla, Jerry co-founded Going Beyond Ministries, where he looks over the business aspects of the ministry.

There is no mention of his specific roles or any other profession he is into, as Jerry rarely speaks of his professional life in the media. However, Jerry has made a fortune of $2 million.

Despite being a prominent figure, Jerry prefers to keep his feet on the ground and continue to do moral activities. As of now, this black Texan is a married man and father of three black sons. Moreover, he is the helping hand of Priscilla Shirer.

Priscilla and Husband Jerry Shirer Power Couple

It is no doubt that Priscilla and Jerry are often viewed as a strong couple. Not only are they a good team as parents, but the two have established their empire as well.

Neither Priscilla nor Jerry have all the tools to run their business efficiently. So, each shares their unique part of skills and knowledge that the other one does not. For instance, Priscilla is a great speaker on stage, but Jerry is not so good. However, Jerry is great at doing research which Priscilla cannot.

Similarly, since Jerry has qualifications as an operational manager, he looks over the business side of their ministry, including interviews, shareholders, contracts, finances, etc. According to Priscilla, Jerry is essentially the vision of Going Beyond Ministries. On the other hand, Priscilla is the voice and representative of the ministry.

Hence, with this partnership, Priscilla and Jerry are running their ministry. In their home, the two Shires splits their household duties including taking care of children. Every step of the way, Priscilla and her husband work as a team, so they are the power couple.

Priscilla Shirer Children & Family

As of 2021, Mr. and Mrs. Shirer shares three young sons. They are Jerry Jr. Shirer, Jackson Shirer, and Jude Shirer. The eldest little Shirer among the three is Jerry Jr., who is 14, then came Jude, 13, and the youngest one, Jackson, who is seven years old. All three children of Priscilla are still studying at school.

Before being an author or a preacher, Priscilla is a mother and wife. She always puts her house duties ahead of her professional career. In an interview, Priscilla mentioned that she is often busy with her kids whenever they are home. On school days, Priscilla wakes up at six and makes breakfast for the Shirer family.

Indeed, Priscilla does everything she can to instill moral values in Jerry Jr., Jackson, and Jude. Before having breakfast, the family recites Bible verses. Although sometimes it can be challenging to discuss religious matters with young children like hers.

Once the children leave for school, Priscilla can finally find some time to write or study or handle her ministry. However, once the kids come home, Priscilla will be busy with her kids’ homework.

Indeed, Priscilla is as busy as any mother would be. Lucky for her, Jerry is a supporting husband who looks after the business and family whenever Priscilla needs him.

Priscilla Shirer doing photoshoot with her three sons
An evangelist, Priscilla Shirer and her sons, Jerry Jr. Shirer, Jackson Shirer, and Jude Shirer.

Priscilla Shirer Surgery

In January 2020, Priscilla posted a concerning status on Facebook. Priscilla revealed that she recently had surgery to remove a small lobe from her lung. This surgery was necessary as numerous specialists saw it growing with dangerous irregularities and hinted that it could be a tumor.

Fans were devasted hearing the news as Priscilla had only just lost her mother due to cancer. Not just her mother, but Priscilla suffered the loss of her grandfather and cousin the same year.

Hearing the news of Priscilla’s surgery, fans gathered to pray, and some also launched a rally for her recovery. Not only fans but many prominent names like Beth Moore, Roma Downey, Brenda Clark, and Christine Caine shared their concern for Priscilla. Fortunately, Priscilla underwent successful surgery and healed up nicely. Currently, Priscilla is doing fine.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Reports claim that Priscilla Shirer has a staggering worth of $3 million as of 2021. A considerable part of Priscilla’s fortune results from her long and dedicated service to God’s work. As of now, Priscilla resides with her husband in their blandish house in Texas.

We know that Priscilla is an evangelist before anything else. An experience evangelist like Priscilla makes $109,921 a year, according to salary reports.

Similarly, Going Beyond Ministries brings in huge donations from the people. But more importantly, through its official website, people usually buy resources like CDs, books, and merchandise, bringing them more wealth.

Lastly, Priscilla makes huge passive earnings from her books which have sold thousands of copies to date. Some of her best-selling books include Discerning the Voice of God($$8.16), God is Able ($9.00), The Resolution for Women ($8.18), Fervent ($8.18), Awaken ($9.44), and many others.

Finally, Priscilla also shares her husband’s worth of $2 million.


Priscilla Shirer’s date of birth is December 31, 1974. Hence, as of 2021, Shirer has reached the age of 46.


As if being an author, preacher, and ministry owner were not enough for the 46-year-old, Priscilla has also starred in movies where her performances have been outstanding as well. It has to be noted that Priscilla worked only in Bible-based movies.

The very first movie that Priscilla played in was in 2015, named War Room. Since then, Priscilla was the star cast for films like I Can Only Imagine and Overcomer. Finally, her latest piece of acting as herself was in the 2019 movie called Kingdom Men Rising.


One of the reasons people recognize Priscilla is for being an outstanding author. There is a reason why Priscilla’s books have sold over a thousand copies of books combined on Amazon only.

Priscilla had never thought she would become one of the best-selling authors when she started her journey as a writer in 2007. Her first published book was He Speaks to Me ($9.89), which has sold 564 copies.

Till now, Priscilla has released a total of 20 books written by herself or in collaboration. Her latest book is Divine Disruption, published in 2021.

Priscilla Shirer smiling in deadlocked hair
An outstanding author, Priscilla Shirer.

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