John Pieper Net Worth, Wife Noël Pieper, Children

John Pieper is a famous Evangelical Christian. He was born on 11th January 1946 to parents Bill and Ruth Pieper. John’s birth town is Chattanooga, U.S. However, his family shifted to South Carolina when he was an infant. John was raised there under the teaching of his father Bill, who is an evangelist himself.

In this article, we talk about the net worth, wife, and children of the popular evangelist John Pieper.

John Pieper is a Pastor

John Pieper is one of the most influential pastors in America. His Christianity faith was sealed in his early childhood by his father, who pursued evangelism for more than six decades. To date, the pastor has written many bestsellers and preached the teachings of the scriptures to millions. His early significant role in Christianity was when he gave lessons on the Bible studies at Bethel University. In 1874, he started his teaching career and pursued it for six years. Furthermore, during his career, he has also worked as the head of Bethlehem College and Seminary.

In 1980, he started preaching for the Bethlehem Baptist Church. The pastor continued his service there for more than three decades. As a result, John made a name among the believers and is one of the respected personalities in Minneapolis. The pastor graduated from the Wade Hampton High School in South Carolina, where he spent most of his childhood and teenage. In addition to being a pastor, John is an author with many bestsellers and award-winning books to his name. Furthermore, he founded ‘space xy casino,’ which remains his most celebrated work so far.  He is the senior teacher at the organization.

John Pieper Net Worth and Income Sources

John Pieper has led an amazing career as an evangelical Christian and a religious leader. However, it’s just a piece of the puzzle when talking about his income sources. John has written some award-winning books like Spectacular Sins, God’s Passion for His Glory, and many more. Many of his books have received the prestigious ECPA award. Furthermore, his bestselling books like The passion of Jesus Christ also provide him plenty in royalties.

The net worth of John Pieper is $25 Million in 2021.

Married to Wife Noël Pieper

John Pieper and Noël Pieper exchanged wedding vows in 1968. The couple is blessed with four children. Noel Pieper is an author herself and has written many titles on faith and Christianity. Furthermore, Noel has also authored multiple books for children. The couple has been through testing times and has stood strong for 53 years now (2021).

Abraham Piper smiling with his wife, Noel Piper
A famous Evangelical Christian, Abraham Pieper, and his wife, Noel Pieper.


John and Noel are parents to 5 children. Their sons are Abraham Pieper, Barnabas Pieper, Karsten Pieper, and Benjamin Pieper. Talitha Pieper is their only daughter.

John Pieper’s Son Criticize Evangelicalism

John Pieper tried his best to instill the faith of Christianity to his Children and prevent them from ‘Deconstruction.’ However, Abraham Piper, one of his sons, disregarded his teachings and has denounced himself from Christianity. In addition, he has not only left the evangelism, but he is also speaking against it.

Abraham Pieper has a massive following of 1.1 million in his TikTok account. There, he primarily shares his experiences of how he was deconstructing and losing faith. Abraham thinks it is silly for kids to study the Bible, filled with not so child-friendly stories. Moreover, he talks about how the majority of evangelical Christians do not believe in literal Hell and gives his reasons. The Tik-Tok celebrity explains the basis of many religions and claims himself to be ‘nothing,’ not even an atheist. He criticizes the very core of Evangelicalism and connects with others who share similar values. Needless to say, John Pieper isn’t quite proud of his son.

Abraham Piper, son of John Piper
The Tik-Tok celebrity, Abraham Pieper, son of John Pieper.


John Pieper was born to parents Bill Pieper and Ruth Pieper. Bill was a traveling Evangelist. However, there is no information on his mother. The family originally lived in Tennessee but moved to Greenville, South Carolina, after John was born.

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