Is Charles Stanley Still Alive?

Everybody is well-aware of one of the longest-serving pastors in America, Charles Stanley. Not only a pastor, but Stanley became a household name when he appeared in numerous religious television programs.

Known for almost 50 years of service in spreading the Christian gospel to the world, Stanley recently stepped down as a pastor at First Baptist Church. However, despite hitting old age and being unable to continue his profession, Stanley never wants to retire from God’s work.

Charles Stanley Health Status

Regarding Dr. Stanley’s health, there have been many rumors for quite some time. Stanley, who was born on the 25th of September 1932, is 88 years old now. A man of his age is always at risk of having bad health. Many even speculated that Charles chose to step down from being a pastor because of his deteriorating health.

However, the former First Baptist Church is in good health and is free from disease. Stanley left his position because he felt his time as the pastor for 50 years ended.

Death of Stanley’s Spouse

Anna Johnson Stanley with her precious smile
Renowned Pastor Charles Stanley’s wife, Anna Johnson Stanley.

Previously, Charles was married to a woman named Anna Johnson Stanley. Charles spends nearly 45 years with Anna and had two children with her. One of the children is Andy, who is also a church pastor like Charles Stanley. Moreover, Anna was his only marriage as he did not marry anyone else after their divorce in 2000. According to Anna, Charles prioritized his profession over her.

Even though they divorced, Stanley and Anna were always on good terms. However, 14 years after their separation, Anna lost her life at the age of 83. Much like Stanley, Anna was also a devotee to Christianity. Throughout her life, Anna taught Bible and helped around the churches before she left the world.

On November 10, 2014, Anna Johnson took her final breath. The reason for Anna Johnson’s demise is still a secret, as no one in the family has ever revealed it. However, in their words, Anna left this world peacefully in her sleep. The family has nothing but positive prayers for Anna’s departed soul.

Anna Margaret Johnson, who comes from Smithfield, North Carolina, is alive in the hearts of her children, grandchildren, and Stanley. Three days after her demise, a community event was organized at North Point Community Church in Georgia.

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