Jerry Falwell Jr. Net Worth, House, Yacht, Jet, Car

Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr. is a lawyer and academic administrator. He is the son of the renowned television evangelist Jerry Falwell Sr. He is also a prominent follower of the Evangelical Christian Community. Read this to know about Jerry Falwell Jr. and his Net Worth.

Who is Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Jerry Falwell Jr. was born on June 17, 1962. He attended the Lynchburg Christian Academy and graduated in 1980. Later, he studied at Liberty University, where he finished his history and religious studies degree. Jerry completed Law at the University of Virginia Law School in 1987.

Liberty hired Jerry Falwell Jr. as their lawyer in 1987. At the same time, he also had his private law practice. In 2000, the university gave him a seat on the Board of the Trustees. He stayed on as the lawyer of the university and their other organizations until 2007.

Jerry Falwell Jr. became president of Liberty University in 2007 after his father died. His brother, Jonathan Falwell, took over their father’s position at the Thomas Road Baptist Church. Jerry was more business-minded, so he was given the task of taking over the university. His brother was more interested in evangelism, so he took over the church.

Jerry managed the university in a very authoritarian manner. He was accused of establishing businesses that benefitted from property deals through the university’s affiliations during his term. He was also accused of nepotism because he put his wife and children on the university payroll. The university president was also a solid supporter of Trump. Circulating rumors reveal that he banned students from writing articles that criticized Trump.

What Happened to Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Jerry Falwell Jr. took an indefinite leave in August 2020 after facing the multiple controversies hurled at him. The last scandal was a photo of him with his arms around an unknown woman. They both had their pants unzipped in the picture. That same month, he stated that his wife had an extramarital affair and that they were being blackmailed. Afterward, a Reuters article was published claiming that Jerry Falwell Jr. watched as his wife engaged in sexual activities with her lover.

A few days later, Jerry resigned from the university and was given a $10.5 million severance fee. However, he denied all the accusations made against him. In October 2020, Jerry filed a lawsuit against the university for the damage caused to his reputation. However, the charges were dropped later on. On April 2021, Liberty University filed a $40 million lawsuit against Jerry for breach of contract and violating fiduciary duty.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Net Worth

Jerry Falwell Jr. speaking in an event
Lawyer and prominent follower of the Evangelical Christian Community, Jerry Falwell Jr.

The net worth of Jerry Falwell Jr is $100 million. He has amassed a substantial income as president of Liberty University in the past. The ex-president of the university earned an annual salary of $1.25 million. His other source of income is the various businesses that he has established through the years.


Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife reside in their mansion located in Bedford County, Virginia. In addition, they also have a massive farm in Cifax, Virginia. The couple spends a lot of time in both houses. They prefer to go to their farm to unwind. Their sprawling farm has also been the venue of many special gatherings for their friends and family.

Yacht, Jet, Cars

Jerry has been using a 164-footer yacht that Rick Hendrick, a NASCAR mogul, owns. The yacht has six guest rooms, three bars, three sun decks, and marble-tiled bathrooms. Additionally, it can also accommodate eight deckhands. The Falwell family took the yacht on vacations to different parts of the world.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is one of the highest-paid university presidents. He lived a lavish lifestyle and owned several luxury cars. However, the details on how many cars he owns or their brands have not been published.

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