JD Farag Wife, Daughter, Prophecy Update

JD Farag is a prophet and a sermon preacher. He founded the Cavalry Chapel Kaneohe in 2004 with his wife, Kellie. The pastor is an immigrant who has been in America since 1963. His dad is from Egypt, and his mom is from Palestine. Moreover, the pastor supports Israel and bases his Bible preaches and prophecy on the Middle East region.

By reading this article, you’ll learn about JD Farag, his wife, his updates on recent prophecies, and his youngest child Sabia Farag.

Pastor JD Farag

Pastor JD was born in Lebanon. Through his Church in Hawaii, the pastor gives prophecies and sermons every week. His church ‘Calvary Chapel Kaneohe’ is primarily famous in the Middle East region, originating from America. The church’s ministry has a massive online presence as well as live attendees on weekdays.

JD preaches every Sunday morning and Thursday evening in the Calvary Chapel in Oahu. He reads through the Bible and transcribes it to his followers. In his forties, the pastor and his wife permanently shifted to Hawaii and started spreading the word of the Bible. That year, they also started the Church in Kaneohe.

JD has many prophecies in his sermons and bible recitals. The pastor mainly talks about the return of Jesus, the end of the world, and the last days of Earth. However, history tells us that no prophets have correctly predicted the world’s end. Since the 18th century, many have prophesized that the world will meet its end.

JD Farag Wife

JD Farag married the beautiful Kellie in the year 1988. On November 17, 2013, the couple celebrated their 25th anniversary. On the occasion of Silver Jubilee, the pastor shared dozen of pictures of the family and friends on social media. Furthermore, he also shared an image where he kissed his wife under the full moon to mark the end of a beautiful day. Click on this link for more additional details.

Kellie is a partner of the famous prophet JD Farag. She helped the pastor start the Calvary Chapel and is working actively with her husband to date. Together with JD, the couple has three lovely children. The two elder boys seem much grown-up than his youngest daughter Sabia. On many occasions, JD shares videos of his daughter singing at events and is proud of her achievements. The family lives in Ohia, Hawaii, near to their Church and play sloto stars casino.

Jd Farag smiling with his wife, Kelle
Prophet and a sermon preacher, Jd Farag and his wife, Kelle.

Daughter SabiaFarag

Sabia is a fantastic singer. She flaunts a ton of videos on the internet of her singing. However, the highlight has to be when the Women’s open tennis invited the little girl to sing in the Semifinal opening of 2017. In an interview, Sabia shares how momentous this occasion was for her. She prepared her song word by word and practiced enunciating each syllable. As a result, the crowd applauded and appreciated the young lady for her graceful singing.

Sabia Farad started singing when she was seven years old. By the age of 8, Sabia had learned to play both the piano and the Ukulele. She aspires to be a singer and looks up to greats like Elton John, the Beatles, and the Carpenters. Furthermore, Sabia is a big fan of the boy band ‘Why Don’t We.’

The youngest daughter of JD Farag thinks that the most important thing is to believe in oneself. She wants to spend her life performing, singing, and going on tours. Moreover, Sabia likes her expression when she watches her videos as it assures her that she is happy during the process. The girl is good-hearted and aspires to spread happiness to people and touch them in any way she can. Here is one occasion of Sabia singing.

JD Farag is also a father to two adult boys. However, we cannot find any details on them.

Singer Sabia Farag, daughter of Jd Farag
Fantastic singer, Sabia Farag, daughter of Jd Farag.

Net worth, Wiki Biography

The pastor’s net worth is not apparent. His YouTube channel has generated almost $60k in total. Moreover, his online preaches, live shows, and activities as a religious leader around the globe have made him a decent wealth. We estimate the pastor’s net worth to be no less than $1 million in 2021.

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