Charles Stanley Net Worth

Charles Stanley is a man bound with religious fundamentals. For nearly 50 years of his career, Stanley has worked as a pastor. Throughout his tenure as a senior pastor, Stanley has made sure that Bible’s gospel reached everyone. Read this article to know more about Charles Stanley and his net worth.

Not only is Stanley a respected pastor, but he is also a prominent media figure whose topics of discussion often include religion, parenting, finances, personal crises, etc. Also, Charles F. Stanley is a well-known book author as well.

Stanley’s feat of success does not stop there, as this 88-year-old is a former Southern Baptist Convention president.

Recently, Stanley announced his retirement from his post and handed it to his successor, Adrian Rogers. However, Stanley’s 50-year-long outstanding service as God’s man has provided him with a handsome reward at the age of 88.

Charles Stanley Net Worth

Pastor Charles Stanley in his blue suit
Respected Pastor Charles Stanley.

Reports have it that Charles Stanley holds a fortune of $1.5 million as of 2021. After years of service as a pastor, Stanley now resides with a peaceful yet lavish lifestyle. He owns an incredible 4,507-square-foot mansion with two-story in Four Oaks, North Carolina. This classic house with five bedrooms and intensely decorated hallways is priced at $499,900 in the actual state market.

Income Sources

Stanley, who holds Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees, saw a rise in his profession in 1971 when he was promoted as a senior pastor. Generally, a First Baptist Church senior pastor makes an income of $72,664, according to Glassdoor.

Similarly, Stanley is the founder of In Touch Ministries which he created to lead more people to follow the path of Jesus Christ. His entity got its show by the Christian Broadcasting Network and had over 50 translated shows worldwide. Stanley’s In Touch has its website to give out the audio and video programs of his sermons.

In the following stages of his life, Stanley launched various religious tv shows such as The Chapel Hour and Bring It Home. These shows generally generated a good number of viewers.

Lastly, perhaps one of the primary sources of income is Stanley’s books. Charles Stanley is the author of more than dozens of books which is available on Amazon. Being the promoter of Christianity, Stanley has transferred the knowledge of the Bible through various texts, which have each sold over hundreds of copies. Some of the best-selling books are The Will of God ($13.35), Can You Still Trust God? ($19.94), God’s Purpose for Your Life ($14.16), etc.

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