Christian Rapper NF’s Net Worth. Wife Bridgette Doremus and Kids.

Many influential celebrities, artists, and personalities have emerged in our time. Some of them are making the community a better place by combining their talent and religion in their work. Nathan John Feuerstein, also known as NF, is a rapper and one of the artists known for his songs that involve religion, even though he denied being labeled as a Christian rapper. Read this to know Christian rapper NF’s net worth.

Meet his wife, Bridgette Doremus, and their kids.

Is NF a Christian?

The American rapper is a Christian. However, he does not want to be called a Christian rapper.


How tall is the American rapper? NF is 6 feet and 1 inch, and he is 187 cm in centimeters.

NF is a Christian rapper.

First, the American rapper clarified that he does not claim to be a Christian rapper. Sources claimed that NF did not want to have the label because he would not get more streams, and his fans would be limited to religious people only.

NF was on the basketball team when he was younger. His career started with the Fine Arts Festival, which was held in Canton, Michigan.

The festival was associated with and organized by Connection Church. In the video game Madden NFL 16, his track “Intro” was featured.

This is where his breakthrough in the music industry began. His track climbed to the top of the Top Gospel Albums at No. 4, the Christian Albums chart at No. 12, and the Top Rap Albums at No. 15.

Famous American rapper, NF
Famous American rapper, NF

Net Worth

The American rapper NF’s net worth of $4 million. His primary source of income is mainly the music he makes.

However, he also has another source of income, which is his merchandise. His products have his name and quotes.

These products include t-shirts, hoodies, and other products that his fans can buy to support his music career.

NF is married to his wife, Bridgette Doremus.

The rapper’s wife is married to health coach and fitness enthusiast Bridgette Doremus. Bridgette also has her own site that is all about lifestyle and fitness 2013.

Though she is very successful in this industry, behind the victories that she had, there was one tragic moment in her life that I am sure every person will experience in the future.

She was inspired by her father’s death. Her father took his own life, and it was truly an unfortunate event for the health coach.

NF with his wife, Bridgette Doremus
NF with his wife, Bridgette Doremus, on his wedding day

How did NF and his wife, Bridgette Doremus, meet?

The two met after the American rapper NF was done performing at an app launch party organized by a friend of Bridgette’s, and eventually, the two started dating.

In 2018, the couple was married, and Bridgette posted a video of her vows. She stated, “You are my best friend.” You are my person. The love of my life, “and it was considered a victory by NF and Bridgette.


NF has a tattoo on his arm. The tattoo’s design is two hands holding a circle open. The design is also surrounded by the digits of the clock around them, and the numbers are in roman numerals.

He also has a tattoo that says “Real Music.” This shows who NF is; the music he makes is the real deal, which he wants to show to people. He may have declined the label of being a Christian rapper, but at least he knows he is true to people.

Christian Rapper NF Tattoos on his arm

His last tattoo is located on the upper side of his right forearm. The design is roses. It completed the overall appearance of the tattoo on his arm, which is the clock with roman numerals.

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