Jenny Marrs Shares about her Faith Journey. Favorite Scripture and Bible Study

Jenny Marrs is a highly adored designer and TV personality who has been appearing on HGTV Network’s reality home renovation show, “Fixer to Fabulous,” with her husband, Dave Marrs. Together the pair have been restoring and renovating hundred of houses in their home town Bentonville, Arkansas.

Once struggled to have a stable career and a family of their own, The Marrses now have 5 beautiful children, a reputable career, and multiple businesses and philanthropy activities to their name.

Jenny thanks God and her belief in faith for everything she has achieved in life now. So, let’s discover Jenny Marrs’s faith journey and some of her favorite scripture.

Dave and Jenny Marrs

Jenny Marrs Faith Journey

According to Jenny, faith holds the Marres together. If you follow her on social media, you can easily say that she is religious and strongly believes in faith.

Once, during an interview, she stated that she believes any chance that comes their way is the result of direct grace from the lord. For example, she described how they had no desire to go on television, but God guided them to the chance and opened doors for them.

Currently, the 44 years old designer said she is focused on developing her faith and has been learning about surrendering. She feels that surrendering and bringing our intentions before God allows us to decrease our expectations and enable Him to help us.

Speaking more on Jenny’s journey to faith, the host talked about having faith in God’s plan for the future. She says,

“I have seen it and can trust Him for what’s next. This work has always been His, and He has graciously invited me to take part. I simply have to say yes, lay down my ideas of what He should do, grab ahold of His hand and walk with Him.

Then, He blows me away every time. Every single time. It really is exhilarating to watch His plans unfold!” Nonetheless, Marrs says that the primary goal of their family is to bring more light into the world, and they will do that in all the ways possible.

Dave and Jenny Marrs Religion

What is Her Favorite Scripture and Bible Study?

Jenny is frequently writing scriptures on her social media posts. When she was asked about her favorite scriptures, she said it might vary as she sticks to different scripture during different phases of life. But the most remarkable one for her is Ephesians 3:20, i.e.,

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”

Jenny said she held to this scripture when they were waiting to have their adopted daughter home and realized that the lord can actually do a lot more than we ever ask him for.

Similarly, the “Fixer to Fabulous,” hosts’ favorite Bible Study, is the First five studies. She claims she has been captivated by the publications of Exodus and Numbers in the Old Testament.

Jenny believes that she should try to be closer to the Lord Almighty

In an Instagram post, Jenny Wrote,

In biblical times, shepherds would lead their flock out of the city to graze each day. They would guide their herd to the patches of grass amidst the rocky terrain throughout the region. They would also protect their sheep from dangerous animals or treacherous holes in the ground. The sheep literally trusted the shepherds with their lives.

These days, in our small Northwest Arkansas town, our own little flock graze merrily in an abundantly grass-filled pasture. They are protected by fences and barbed wire and dogs. They don’t really need Dave or I except for treats and additional feed in the winter.

Even still, they know our voice. And they follow us whole-heartedly. They RUN toward us when we call, trusting completely that we will provide them with good things.

Time in the pasture always reminds me that I should be running toward Jesus with even more abandon than these animals are running toward the possibility of a treat and a back rub. I can trust Him for so much more – He promises abundance and life in all its fullness. And, He doesn’t say I have to wait until I reach Heaven to experience the richness He offers. I can live in the fullness here and now. His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Just a few musings from the pasture on a Sunday morning. I hope everyone has an amazing day. ????

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